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Movie Review: Best and Most Beautiful Things

Disclaimer: This post is not meant to be a review of documentaries in general or whether they could have dived deeper into Michele’s story and sex and disability in general. (Spoiler: Of course they could have.) Center for Positive Sexuality is not a group who claims to be film critics.

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Sexual Diversity Panel – the first one for the Center

Since 2007 Center for Positive Sexuality has been giving presentations at colleges and universities about marginalized sexualities like BDSM orientations, polyamory, disabilities and sex, and more. And although all of our experiences are special, today we get to debut a new presentation at the request of a professor at California State University,

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Sexy, Sensual, and Disabled



by Gloria G. Brame

Every sexual relationship is complicated and unique. Every adult has individual quirks, challenges, conditions, and inhibitions that impact the quality of his or her sex life. Disabled persons face extra challenges because of differences in what they may and may not be able to do in bed.

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