Current Research Projects

Kink Identity and Sexuality Study (KISS Project)

Current status: Analyzing data from 72 lengthy interviews, preparing to collect interviews in Round 2 of data collection. Currently analyzing data from Round 1, focusing on early or first experiences of kink and relation to current kink identity structure. Looking for research assistants.
Research Affiliate: Richard Sprott


A National Survey of the Health and Healthcare Needs of Patients with Non-Traditional Sexual Practices

Current status: Preparing for an international version for late 2019 or early 2020.  Analyzing quantitative and qualitative data from over 1,400 anonymous surveys completed in 2016. Looking for research assistants.
Research Affiliate: Richard Sprott

Incel Mass Murder Project

Current status: Data collection. This project seeks to identify important behavioral science features that, as a constellation of factors, may be unique to involuntary celibate (incel) mass murder offenders.
Research Affiliate: DJ Williams

Various Projects: BDSM, Body Modification, Sexual Consent, Homosexuality & Religion

Current Status: Various stages for each.
Research Affiliate: Jeremy Thomas

Sexual Well-being and Tailored Sexual Health Education for Older Adults

Current Status: Based on the qualitative findings, we are currently developing and piloting the survey instrument for the quantitative phase of the project. The goal of this project is to establish older adults’ needs for sexual health education, to investigate their willingness to adopt technology tools to receive such education and to develop innovative Internet-based sexual health education messages tailored to their needs.
Research Affiliate: Liza Berdychevsky

Sex, Health, and Well-being in Leisure Travel: Toward Designing Sexual Health Education

Current Status: The purpose of this project is to explore the necessity of sexual health education for tourists and to identify the characteristics of potentially successful sexual health messages. This project implements a sequential qualitative-to-quantitative mixed methods design. The qualitative phase with in-depth interviews and focus groups has been concluded and it served as a basis for developing and validating a survey instrument measuring views and preferences regarding sexual health education for tourists. The quantitative data collection is currently ongoing.
Research Affiliate: Liza Berdychevsky

Kink: Identities, Communities and Emerging Gay Male Subcultures

Current status: The project explores the development of gay male kink subcultures in the UK. Analyzing qualitative data from 60 interviews, alongside three years worth of ethnographic observations. The project is in the write-up stage.
Research Affiliate: Liam Wignall

Awakenings: A Study of the Lives and Experiences of Erotic Hypnosis Practitioners

Current Status: This project explores the experiences of people interested in erotic hypnosis, mind control, and brainwashing fetishism, with an emphasis on attitudes about consent, diversity and intersectionality, life challenges, community, and online spaces. 40+ qualitative interviews have been conducted already, and additional interviewees are still being recruited, while transcribing past interviews.
Research Affiliate: Sam Hughes

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