CPS research

The Center for Positive Sexuality recognizes that current research is vital for effective education, training, and policy development on matters of sexuality. As such, the Center assists in conducting sex positive research in several ways by:

  • Publishing sex positive research in our peer-reviewed Journal of Positive Sexuality
  • Promoting the sex positive publications of our staff
  • Collaborating with researchers interested in conducting sex positive research
  • Providing opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to participate in sex positive research
  • Using current research data to support our educational programs


DJ Williams, PhD. is our Director of Research and is a member of our Board of Directors. More information about Dr. Williams can be found here.

Meet some of our Research Affiliates and Assistants.

If you are interested in working with our research staff, please check Volunteer and Intern possibilities.

If you are interested in financially contributing to our research projects, please email for more information.

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