CPS research

The Center for Positive Sexuality recognizes that current research is vital for effective education, training, and policy development on matters of sexuality. Our Research Division is actively recruiting research affiliates who conduct sex-positive research. We are proud to support our research affiliates in multiple ways.

    • We publish sex positive research in our peer-reviewed Journal of Positive Sexuality.
      • In 2019, articles in the Journal were viewed/downloaded over 35,000 times worldwide.
    • We promote the sex positive publications of our Affiliates, both from the Journal of Positive Sexuality as well as other publications.
    • We provide opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to participate in sex positive research through our internship program. Each year we select motivated interns and match them to affiliates based on interests, skills, and other measures of compatibility.
    • We create collaborations between researchers interested in conducting sex positive research.
    • We provide limited funding opportunities to support research needs.
    • We enable Institutional Review Board (IRB) research protocol review, through a collaboration with CARAS.
    • We use current research data to support our educational programs.

For new research affiliates, a record of sex-positive research publications (or other work) is preferred, but not required; we are also excited to support new scholars to the field who demonstrate interest in positive sexuality. In return for the support offered by the Center, affiliates are asked to use the Center for Positive Sexuality as an institutional affiliation on publications. We also ask that affiliates submit at least one article every two years to the Journal of Positive Sexuality during the course of their affiliation with us. Finally, we ask that affiliates attend our biannual conference, SexPosCon, if they are able.

Curious about our amazing researchers? Meet our Research Affiliates and learn about their work.

Interested in becoming an affiliate? Please contact Director of Research, Amanda Freise, Ph.D. at More information about Dr. Freise can be found here.

If you are interested in working with our research staff, please check Volunteer and Intern possibilities.

If you are interested in financially contributing to our research projects, please email for more information.