Since 2007 Center for Positive Sexuality has been giving presentations at colleges and universities about marginalized sexualities like BDSM orientations, polyamory, disabilities and sex, and more. And although all of our experiences are special, today we get to debut a new presentation at the request of a professor at California State University, Northridge — Sexual Diversity!

When I was asked to put this panel together a few months ago I stopped to think about what “sexual diversity” means. Is it our sexual orientations or our gender presentations? Is this limited to who we are attracted to or is there more to this than meets the eye? I feel that sexual diversity is more than just our sexual orientation and gender presentation. It is also our racial and cultural heritage, which informs how we learn about and view sex and sexuality. It is also our physical selves, including age and ability, not just our gender presentation with a range of masculine and feminine traits. All of who we are informs our sexual beings and who we are sexually informs everything else — how we present ourselves to the world, who we choose to be with, who we fall in love with, everything.

For this first Sexual Diversity Panel I managed to get some amazing individuals, some of whom are part of our regular group of presenters and others are new to the Center. We will present an age range of early twenties to over fifty, able-bodied and disabled folks, a large range of sexual orientations including queer, straight, sadomasochist, kink, gender orientations from cis-gender to transgender, a smattering of different ethnic and racial backgrounds, and a range of experiences. Many thank yous to the professor who proposed this idea and asked if we could fufill the needs of this class to teach that sexuality is more than a male-female dichotomy, more than heteronormative standards, more than able bodied persons within a specific age range, because sexuality is as diverse as the human race.

Also, special thank yous to those who contributed photos for us to use during this presentation. I put together a slideshow of them which will be shown at the beginning of the presentation as I discuss what sexual diversity is and can be.

This should be a fun day.