Some of our Research Affiliates came up with this great model and definition of positive sexuality. At the Center, we use this model as a guide to what projects we work on, what research we support, and how we interact with one another and our communities. You can read more about this model here. Just look below for a quick version of what we mean by “positive sexuality”.

Positive refers to strengths wellbeing and happiness
All people have strengths and wellbeing and happiness should be supported
Individual sexuality is unique and multifaceted
WHO supports individual sexual expression
Multiple ways of knowing are welcome
Positive sexuality supports knowledge from many sources
Ethics are essential
Positive Sexuality should reflect ethical principles
Open, honest communication is necessary.
Discussions should be respectful and without judgment.
Positive Sexuality is Humanizing
Positive Sexuality is inclusive and uses humanizing language
Peacemaking is Encouraged
Peacemaking is based in love
Positive Sexuality applies across all levels of social structure
Sexual issues impact individuals, families, communities, and nations