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July: Is Rape-Play Just a Game? The Kink Healing Revelation

July 23, 11 a.m. PT. Registration opens July 1.

The concept of CNC (Consensual Non-Consent) sexual play is controversial, even within the BDSM community.  But what if playing out this kink could heal a painful past of sexual trauma?

From Freud to van der Kolk, compulsive repetition of trauma has been discussed for 100 years.  However, the replaying of sexual trauma has been largely ignored, poorly understood, and, even within the sexual assault recovery field, largely disbelieved and shamed.

Survivors are often confused and mortified at their drive towards these behaviors, though they may gain sexual satisfaction and temporary release from them.

Andrew Pari’s pioneering research comes to kinky fruition in this packed overview of the past decade of his work exploring sexual trauma re-enactment, qualitative data exploring it, and a radical proposed treatment intervention that aims to heal survivors of sexual assault through somatic re-experiencing.

Andrew Pari, LCSW, CCTP is the Founder of Sexual Assault Awareness, LLC, dedicated to ending sexualized violence and shame through a sex-positive lens.  He provides psychotherapy and training with a focus on the “taboo,” that most in the field won’t address, including specialized populations in sex trade and trafficking.  A nationally recognized expert in trauma and sexualized violence, he’s developed sex trade policy and hosted worldwide online discussions on rape and recovery.  His pioneering work in use of kink expression in the healing of sexual trauma has been hailed as “radical” and “unique.”  He serves as the Certification Program Director on the Board of the Center for Positive Sexuality.

Monthly Lecture Series - July 2022

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