Monthly Webinar Series

Join us for our new webinar series! Each month we will feature a researcher, educator, or other professional working in the field of positive sexuality. Anyone with an interest in positive sexuality is encouraged to attend. Suggested donation of $10 to support this programming, though no one will be turned away for lack of funds.

Ethics in Adult Entertainment

A lecture/presentation with time for Q&A, this will be an exploration into the ethics of Adult Entertainment in general, and specifically portraying Evil Deeds (force fantasy, consensual nonconsent, BDSM, and various acts of Villainy) in adult entertainment. We will be addressing the ever changing landscape of online erotica, how technology and the law continue to mold and shape erotic expression, and the concept of playing a bad guy every day and still being able to look oneself in the mirror every morning.

Tim Woodman is a 25 year veteran performer in adult entertainment. He specializes in playing a Villain, scoundrel, nogoodnick, general purpose bad guy etc. Tim describes himself as “Just an evil man, trying to make a dishonest living in an unfair world.” He has built a career based on his reputation off camera of being safe, trustworthy, skillful and respectful, while on camera portraying the exact opposite.



Monthly Lecture Series - August 2021

Registration opens October 1 and is free. We request a $10 donation.

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