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October: Satanic Sexuality: Understanding Satanism as a Cultural Competency Issue for Sexuality Professionals

 October 8, 11 a.m. PT. Registration opens October 1.

Appropriating the mythology of Satan as a god of carnality, modern Satanists are united in their shared values of bodily autonomy, sexual progressiveness, and viewing sexuality as a form of authentic self-expression important to their religious beliefs. Conceptualizing Satanism as a non-dominant, sex-positive religion, the purpose of this presentation is to introduce sexuality professionals to this oft-misunderstood religion by explaining how Satanists’ sexuality can benefit from a religious belief in sexual liberation, but can also be hindered by religious minority stress. The historical development of modern Satanism, the myths and moral panics about the religion, and the intersections of Satanism and sexuality are discussed.

Dr. Eric Sprankle is a professor of clinical psychology at Minnesota State University, Mankato where he also serves as the co-director of the sexuality studies program. His current research focuses on the relationships between Satanism, stigma, sexuality, and mental health.

Dr. Eric Sprankle

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