Volunteer Opportunities

Read below for descriptions and qualifications of current Volunteer Positions with Center for Positive Sexuality. To apply for any of these positions, use the Volunteer Application Form button.

The human resources team is dedicated to training volunteers interested in joining the Center for Positive Sexuality. Human resources handles record keeping, document and handbook distribution, on-boarding interviews, and orientation. Orientation includes information about the framework that the Center for Positive Sexuality operates from to inform volunteers of our dedication to addressing social issues through sex positive research and education.

Most of our volunteers are in California, however, individuals from all over the world can volunteer for the organization. All interviews and trainings are done through Skype so please make sure you are familiar with using and downloading this program prior to any scheduled interviews. We are looking for volunteers that understand how to navigate technology without assistance and are committed to meeting deadlines. Meeting the requirements such as punctuality, virtually signing our handbook and returning it (digitally) before the orientation is part of the interview process.

If you have any questions about volunteering with us, please send an email to: HR@positivesexuality.org. We are looking forward to meeting you and for you to join our team!

More specific jobs may require additional training. Read below for descriptions of some of the positions available. Until further notice all current volunteer positions are being conducted remotely using internet-based programs like Skype, GoogleDocs, and Zoom.


Volunteer/Intern Orientations are currently scheduled for the following*:

4th Sunday of the month, 12 p.m. PT: January, March, May, July, September

2023 Orientation Dates are as follows: Jan 22, Mar 26, May 28, July 23, Sep 24. Other dates may become available as needed.

*Please do your best to attend the Orientation nearest your start date.

Certification Program Coordinator

The Certification Program Coordinator tracks applications, interviews, paperwork, and student progress through the program. This includes sending paperwork and payment information to applicants, matching new students with mentors, and being a point of contact when students have issues or concerns. The Coordinator shares duties with the Certification Program Director and other members of the committee to interview new applicants to the program and make admission decisions. The Coordinator attends a monthly committee meeting and may help prepare the agenda and notes. The Coordinator also collaborates on plans, policies, and programming, including certification program workshops, and works with the Director on other projects as needed. Responsibilities are approximately 1-2 hours per week, with interviews requiring more time as applications increase. No special skills are required aside from a general aptitude for administrative tasks and organization. Familiarity with the Canvas learning platform is helpful.


Education Program Coordinator

The Education Coordinator schedules presentations and educators and assists the Education Director. This includes emailing with the educators and those requesting presentations, coordinating with all involved parties, and assisting with educator trainings. The Coordinator shares duties with the Education Director and collaborates on Board and other reports, budget decisions, promotion of the program, and other duties as needed. Hours vary based on the semester and time of year, with more responsibilities at the beginning and end of each semester, wiht an average of 2-3 hours per week. Familiarity with Zoom, Google Sharing, Word, and Excel is helpful.


Administrative Assistant

Online and In-Person (Los Angeles area, CA) volunteer opportunity

These volunteers will be assisting in one or more of the following areas:

    • Public Relations and Media
    • Newsletter and Blog
    • Human Resources
    • General Office
    • Assistant to Board Members and Directors

You will be working more directly with our Board Members and Directors to receive and complete tasks. It is possible that a general office assistant volunteer could be a board member’s assistant.



    • Goal-oriented
    • Able to work in groups and follow instructions
    • Proficient with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)
    • Scanning, filing, saving documents as PDF files
    • Able to communicate efficiently through email, Skype, and Zoom

Not Required Skills:

    • Marketing and Public Relations experience
    • Blogging experience
    • Budget preparation


In-Person volunteer opportunity (Los Angeles area, CA or Chicago area, IL)

These volunteers are responsible for going to various schools and institutions (CSUN, CLU, COC, etc.) and presenting information on a variety of topics such as Sex Workers, BDSM, and Polyamory & Non-Monogamy. Please check here for a full current list of our presentations.



    • Able to verbally communicate clearly and concisely
    • Able to work in a group
    • Self identify with at least one of the following:
      Any gender/sexuality, BDSM, Age Player, LGBTQ, Polyamory or non-monogamy, 50 years of age or older, has a disability (mental/emotional/physical), been in a relationship with a disabled person, Furry, being or have been a sex worker (i.e. sexologist, legal prostitute, professional dominant/submissive), among other identities
    • Can follow the Volunteer Handbook and follow moderator instructions
    • Reliable transport (i.e. bus, car, metro)
    • Reliable internet with email, Skype, and Zoom capabilities

Event/Outreach Volunteer

In-Person (Los Angeles area, CA; Chicago area, IL) volunteer opportunity. These volunteers will help with staffing and conducting events.
This may include: Attending local college “free speech” areas and providing information and literature about our programs, assisting with virtual presentations and events, DJ-ing, food preparation and serving, event security, decorating, researching venues, publicity, and more.



    • Able to work in groups and follow instructions
    • Able to be on your feet for prolonged periods of time
    • Reliable transportation (i.e. bus, metro, car)
    • Reliable internet with email, Skype, and Zoom capabilities

Not Required Skills:

    • Media and Public relations experience
    • Food Handling
    • DJ experience

General Task Force

Online or In-Person (Los Angeles area, CA) volunteer opportunity. These volunteers are any that do not fall under the other categories or wish to do more than their specified area. These volunteers may be working under a board member to complete a specific task. The given tasks may ask for volunteers with specific skill sets. Those who volunteer for the tasks will be placed in contact with one another to complete the task.



    • Able to work in groups
    • Able to complete tasks in a timely manner
    • Able to lead and organize others
    • Organized
    • Reliable internet with email, Skype, and Zoom capabilities