Sharing and celebrating sex-positive knowledge is at the core of everything we do here at the Center for Positive Sexuality. In the Education Department, we curate talented and amazing individuals from all around the world to share their works and experiences to a variety of organizations and universities. From dungeons to Girl Scout troops, we accommodate material for all age groups and professional backgrounds into dynamic panel presentations and Q&A sessions.

Interested in bringing concepts to life in your classroom or community? Check out our list of available topics here.

While many of our speakers are sex educators and health professionals, we believe everyone has their unique sex-positive voice. We help provide experience and community for those who desire to spread positive sexuality through our panel presentations and Q&A forums. We also have various projects within education: synthesizing material, creating content, and refining our reach, that are always in need of more diversity and enthusiastic attitudes.

Kassandra McFarland Education DirectorWant to become a sex-positive sex educator and have the chance to reach diverse audiences? Inquire into volunteer and intern opportunities.

We try our best to accommodate and honor everyone who has interest in our organization. If you have any questions, aren’t sure what direction you might take, what presentation might be great for your organization, or want to brainstorm fun and sexy ideas, I am Kassandra McFarland, the Director of Education, and happy to discuss all things sex-positive with you. I can be reached at

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