Professional Development

We provide professional development seminars and workshops for therapists, counselors, teachers, health care professionals, law enforcement, and other professionals who are interested in serving a diverse community. Our seminars and workshops provide in-depth information and exercises to help you create a more open environment for co-workers, clients, or students who may be sexually marginalized.

APA accredited trainings available.

The Positive Sexuality Model of Training can be applied to many workplace situations. Positive Sexuality is widely applicable to a variety of needs and goals.  From enhancing employee skills to create better client engagement, to a deeper understanding of how the positive sexuality framework improves social skills, negotiations, employer-employee relations, and even profit-making.

When customers feel good about how a company approaches these topics, they keep coming back.  The key to good customer satisfaction is feeling cared about and respected as they use your services.

Our trainings teach that Positive Sexuality goes beyond simple consent and kindness to show that when we use these skills successfully, we can change our whole world.

Here’s a sample of some of the trainings we can provide for you:

  • Discussing Sexuality in Conservative Communities
  • Keeping Clients Engaged
  • Addressing Personal Bias
  • Positive Talk is Sexy
  • Eroticizing Consent
  • Using Caution (or Caring) to Keep Clients Coming…Back
  • Knowing Harmful from Humanizing Responses
  • How Caring=Profit
  • Helping Clients Feel Better About Themselves

Professional Development can be a one-time two-hour workshop or an ongoing weekly or monthly seminars for your staff or associates. Most professional development trainings are structured to be real-time, interactive presentations. Please contact for more information on scheduling and pricing.