SPPCP Workshop Webinar Series

The Center for Positive Sexuality Presents it’s newest Certification Training webinar:

“Open & Honest Communication”
Postponed – Date to be Determined

This 3-hr training will cover one of the Eight Dimensions of Positive Sexuality.

We are living in one of the most divisive points in history. Cancel culture, shutting down platforms, and “erasing” people has replaced thoughtful, nuanced discussion rooted in science and understanding. How we speak to and hear each other, whether about sexuality, identity, or our politics, is often more important than what’s being said.

Join us as we explore and discuss what Open & Honest Communication means from a positive sexuality standpoint in this interactive webinar featuring a panel of multi-disciplinary experts, including Talia Sassounes (she/her), Saed D. Hill (he/his), and Rebekah Monroe (she/they). Read more about these amazing people here.

This webinar is open to all and fulfills one of the requirements for the Sex-Positive Professional Certification Program.