The Center for Positive Sexuality is entirely run by volunteers. We could not accomplish the work we do without such great people. We honor these volunteers for their years of service. You may also want to meet our current Educators, Researchers, and Board of Directors.

Daddy Bo Mulder, Educator Emeritus Daddy Bo Mulder
Educator Emeritus

Daddy Bo was active in the Leather/BDSM Community for several years. Affiliating himself with Traditional Leather, he wished to honor his mentors by passing along their wisdom, infused with his own personal experiences and insights. He identified as a queer SM Top and Leather Daddy, and loved his unique D/s relationship with slavegirl debbie. With a passion for outreach, education, and traditional Leather mentorship, Daddy Bo began as Program Chair for the Threshold Society, then served as head of OCLA (Orange Coast Leather Assembly) from 2004 to 2008, where he created their day-long “Taster” education events, produced their 1-on-1 “Sampler” weekends in Palm Springs, and created the “Leather Interview” Series to record OCLA mentors for posterity. He presented programs, workshops and demonstrations for national conferences (Leather Leadership Conference, Southwest Leather Conference); countless events for Southern California pride festivals, educational organizations and Leather bars; and presented BDSM and Leather concepts on many college panels. He was honored to serve as a judge at several Leather title contests, and mentored many title contestants. Daddy Bo was honored to receive Avatar L.A.’s first “Community Service Award” in 2004 and the Southland Honors’”Most Supportive Individual of the Year” in 2005. Daddy Bo was one of the original Educators with Center for Positive Sexuality before it officially began in 2007.

George Wong, Educator Emeritus George Wong
Educator Emeritus

George served as Public Relations Officer of Avatar Club Los Angeles since joining in 1995 and was also its first Asian member. Along with his marketing & advertising duties, George also represented Avatar at community social events, programs and fundraisers. He served the community as a supporter, friend, and mentor to many. He judged leather contests on the local and national level for several years, such as the prestigious IML 2004 judging panel. As an educator, he presented various leather and fetish topics to leather organizations and college level classes. In addition, he was the producer of Mr. LA Leather 2007 & 2008 contest weekends. George is a four-time recipient of Avatar’s service award, received Pantheon’s So. California Regional Award twice and earned Southland Honors “Person of the Year” and “Mentor of the Year” for his dedicated community service. He Co-Chaired Leather Leadership Conference Six, was a member of MAFIA in Chicago and Lords of Leather in New Orleans. In addition, George was a marketing & advertising consultant, special events producer, U.S. National Volleyball Champion, European Champion silver medalist, and Gay Games gold medalist in volleyball. George was one of the original Educators with Center for Positive Sexuality before it officially began in 2007.

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