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Cross-dressing and Relationships on ITN 6/28 7pmPT

This month on “Is This Normal?” we meet two regular people and discuss what it is really like being in a relationship with a cross-dresser.
Emily and Simone will investigate the ins and outs of cross-dressing and how it affects relationships as they welcome Skye and Tony on Tuesday,

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Weekly Women’s Intimacy Group @ Center for Healthy Sex

The Women’s Intimacy Workshop at the Center for Healthy Sex has now evolved into a Weekly Group.

The evolution of this monthly event into a weekly group was motivated by the progression we were witnessing in the women who most benefited from this workshop series. Although the format has changed into a weekly group,

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Sex Ed Conference in Somerset, NJ

This year’s SEX ED conference by The Center for Family Life Education (CFLE) will be held Nov. 18 and 19 in Somerset, NJ. The conference will feature 28 WORKSHOPS and 3 KEYNOTE ADDRESSES (by Paul Joannides, Leslie Walker Hirsch, and Bill Taverner), and an “Iron Sex Educator” program where dynamic sexuality educators compete to see who can make the best lesson out of a surprise basket of teaching tools.

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