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#MythMonday: Orgasm Should Be the Goal

Masturbation month is still going (or coming, if you will) and this week we’re going to debunk the myth of goal-oriented masturbation. Goal-oriented masturbation is the notion that pleasure should result in climax. This idea can put immense pressure on you to get there and get off,

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#MythMonday: Masturbation Month Meets Mental Health Awareness Month

May is not only International Masturbation Month, but also Mental Health Awareness Month! On this Myth Monday, we are acknowledging the two events by busting the myth that masturbating causes a decrease in sex drive. A huge misconception regarding masturbation is that regular self-pleasure can cause sexual “dysfunction” or inability to orgasm while engaging in sexual play with partners.

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#MythMonday: Only Single People Masturbate

Happy International Masturbation Month!

May is International Masturbation Month, celebrating all forms of sexual self-gratification. It all started 25 years ago when the founders of the San Francisco-based sex shop “Good Vibrations” established the holiday in 1995 following the forced resignation of the U.S.

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