Early Bird Registration Savings End on April 4th for Woodhull’s 
Sexual Freedom Summit

Woodhull’s Sexual Freedom Summit is the only national conference that mixes politics, pleasure, identity and community in a human rights framework with a focus on creative and positive social change. You don’t want to miss it!

The 8th annual Sexual Freedom Summit can’t get here soon enough, particularly given the current political and social climate. There is vitally important work to do as we share information, experiences, and strategies to use in the fight for human rights and sexual freedom!

Early bird registration ends April 4, so register now for the greatest savings!

Woodhull’s Sexual Freedom Summit is the ONLY Sexual Freedom conference of its kind. By day it offers brilliant, insightful discussions about politics and sex, the personal and the political. By night it celebrates sexual freedom and the heroes of the movement with parties and awards.

Be a part of change, be a part of the conversations, and join the fun at Woodhull’s Sexual Freedom Summit. #SFS17