Women, Action & the Media (WAM!)NYC and Filmmaker Melissa Tapper Goldman present:

Women, Sex & Storytelling
How to Not Shut Up!

a provocative conversation about the intersection between water cooler gossip, sexual politics, and activism

with Carol Gilligan, Jennifer Pozner, Samhita Mukhopadhyay, Melissa Tapper Goldman and more!

When it comes to sex, women are often seen but rarely heard. So when women tell stories about their sex lives, it’s more than just talk—it’s activism.

Hosted by Women’s eNews
6 Barclay Street NYC, 6th Floor
Wednesday, October 17, 7PM

Co-sponsored by WAM!NYC
info@subjectified.com for more details

Get inspired by the work of luminaries approaching storytelling across disciplines, from comedy to technology to journalism, through a panel discussion and a chance to share your stories and strategies with like-minded media-makers. In these crucial weeks before the election, we have the ear of the public and a rare chance to amplify women’s marginalized stories. Let’s figure out how.

Filmmaker Melissa Tapper Goldman will share a clip from Subjectified: Nine Young Women Talk about Sex, a fresh documentary that empowers women to define sex on their own terms, serving realness in a raw, honest, open format—letting women, for once, do the talking. Goldman developed house party kits to bring the project straight into the homes of women and their allies. Sneak peak: be among the first to see these groundbreaking activist kits in action!