With approval from the Widener University Board of Trustees, the Center for Education at Widener University is pleased to announce the new Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in Human Sexuality, effective immediately.

This decision returns the Ph.D. degree program in Human Sexuality that started at the University of Pennsylvania 35 years ago back to a Ph.D. When the program came to Widener it had been converted to an Ed.D. This decision reinstates the Ph.D. for this important interdisciplinary program in the study of human sexuality. See news release attached.
The 32 doctoral graduates who completed their degree program at Widener will now have the opportunity to transition their degree to the PhD if they do wish, in recognition that this program has always required scholarly work appropriate for the PhD.
Please note that applicants to the Ph.D. program must already hold a Master’s degree, although it does not need to be in Human Sexuality.
Because of the unique nature of the curriculum at Widener, with its affective and applied focus, all doctoral students first take courses required for the MEd in Human Sexuality, in either the clinical sexology or sexuality education “track.” They also take three additional research courses, and three human sexuality courses to prepare for comprehensive exams and dissertation research. The focus for the Ph.D. is on scholarship and the intention of most graduates is to teach at the higher education level, on a full time or adjunct basis. Some are therapists, counselors, or educators with practices in the community.Those interested in the PhD program without a Master’s degree can apply first for the MEd and then apply for the PhD after one year in the program.
Because of additional resources granted the program, which have made it possible to increase the size of the faculty to six full time faculty, and 11 long term adjunct faculty, we have increased the size of the Fall class, and we are still accepting applications for Fall, 2011.
For more information see www.widener.edu/humansexuality.