Alas, I have been on the e-mail list for this group in New York that sounds pretty awesome:

Recent events and activities have perked my interest, like tantric massage, and giving women full-body orgasms. (Trust me, run into enough men who aren’t interested in a woman’s orgasm and you feel like you are dying of thirst in a salty ocean!  So rather than just think about the same little old sneeze orgasms, you start to fantasize to the X-TREME! All day Orgasms, 5 Orgasms in a Row, 5 Part Orgasms in 3/4 Time… yeah, it’s like that! )

This past  June at Sexy Spirits  had:

“Lecture:Demo Tantric Massage and Expanded Orgasm for Men
Fri. June 19th, 2009
“…….. expanded orgasm and altered states of consciousness….” [Nice!]

“FREE Screening:Penn & Teller: ORGASMS with Sexy Spirits
Mon. June 29th, 2009
Anton, founder of Sexy Spirits, Sensual Loving Touch
Free screening of Penn & Teller, Bullshit which features Orgasmic Providers
Workshop given by Anton, founder of Sexy Spirits and star of Divine nectar
Krystal Magic.”
[As a lot of us in the BDSM scene know, Penn Gillette can be found in his home dungeon in Vegas… nice to see Penn showing us more!]

An important aspect of BDSM is heightened sensuality and heightened feelings….. and you don’t always have to achieve those with the “whips and chains.”  So many activities, so little time!

Here’s a sample of this week’s offerings from Sexy Spirits:

“Workshop: Clothes On Sex! with Reid Mihalko
Mon. July 6th, 2009

Putting the back Oh! in Frottage & the Of course! in Outercourse…
Wish you could recapture the days of long, carefree making out? What about those super hot grinding sessions before the pressure to cut straight to “The Sex” started overshadowing everything? Maybe you know you don’t always want to have sex, but you also don’t want to hold back on getting your rocks off?………”

Sounds splendiferous…….. click here  for the culprits running this joint.

As a monagamist with the green monster running in my veins, I’m not keen on the threesomes workshop. But I just skip over that part, and fully support my friends and neighbors who don’t have the same wiring I have. I really like what Sexy Spirits is putting out there and wish I could attend some events.

I know, I know….. you’re going to tell me that I can find all that stuff here in Los Angeles!!

Remind me not to live so much on the internet.

Simone aka The Filthy Book Reader