Imagine a society where people are accepted for who they are not for what category they fit into. A place where people can feel comfortable expressing themselves without feeling threatened.

Everyday around the country there are educators teaching their students that monogamous heterosexual marriage is the only relationship status you should attempt to achieve. Young queer identified college students overhear conversations on their college campuses that homosexuality is disgusting and perverted. And kink identified graduate students feel ashamed to pursue their goals of working with other individuals who are in alternative relationships.

With your support we can reach out to these students and colleges. With films like Fifty Shades of Grey coming into mainstream in 2015, it is essential that we provide real, academic based information to our future therapists, healers, counselors, law enforcement personnel, medical professionals and others. You can help us achieve our goal of reaching even more college students in 2015.

Your support helps fund our Journal of Positive Sexuality, (debuting January 2015,) and other critical academic research. Positive sexuality research helps empower voices, build bridges and create solutions to social problems related to sexuality. In this, our first year of the Center’s research program, studies and publications in top tier journals as well as specialized publications are reaching a significant population of professionals who are in need of the information our research provides.

Our continued efforts to reach college students and professionals have increased to include fourteen different universities and colleges and one new professional organization in the past calendar year. In 2015 our goal is to reach at least another dozen colleges and universities, several professional and nonprofit organizations, as well as areas within medical and legal communities.

Your donations keep us moving forward to provide current evidence-based information to students and professionals about marginalized gender and sexual identities as well as to reduce sexual violence of all forms.

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