On the next “Is This Normal?”, Emily and Simone welcome the ladies of Voluptuous Entertainment. These fabulous vixens will give insights into the world of burlesque and give viewers a preview of their upcoming show “Burlesque de Macabre”.


Be sure to tune in on Friday, October 14, at 7:30 p.m. PDT on Ustream. You can join in the fun with Emily and Simone and be part of the action by going to http://www.ustream.tv/channel/is-this-normal1. If you enter the chat room you will REALLY be part of the action!  


Voluptuous Entertainment takes us back to the days when women had curves – and the curvier the better. Each show offers lavish entertainment – sassy singers, dolled-up dancers, bawdy comediennes, and good old-fashioned strip tease. And their upcoming show “Burlesque de Macabre” – scheduled for October 21 & 22 at theCurtisTheater– will add a spooky Halloween flair to the mix.


“Is This Normal?” is a webcast presented by The Center for Positive Sexuality on sex and sexual issues hosted by Emily Prior and Simone, The Filthy Book Reader.  The show is broadcast on our Ustream Channel. Viewing this show does not require a membership or age verification, however to chat with us during the show, you must create a Ustream Profile, that asks for birthdate, gender, and zip code. Clips from previous shows can be found on our Youtube Channel.

“Is This Normal?” deals with all sorts of sexual topics, ranging from basic sex education to gay and lesbian issues to kink and alternative sexualities. The show features guests from the academic field and from the various alternative lifestyles, reviews on current sex research and recent discoveries, sex in the news from around the world, demonstrations, and other fun stuff.

Ms Prior named the program based on her experiences in teaching and lecturing on sex and sexuality topics. “In all the consulting and teaching I’ve done, the most frequent question I get is “Am I normal?” or “Is this normal?”

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The Center for Positive Sexuality is a non-profit organization dedicated to the idea that people not only need to be educated about sex and sexuality, but that everyone needs to be able to see these topics portrayed from a positive, healthy perspective. Sex and sexuality are normal, natural parts of being human and should be explored as a part of everyone’s development. Our website is: https://www.positivesexuality.org.