Ms_Diana_frame  The Center for Positive Sexuality is happy to present our first Volunteer Spotlight, Ms.Diana who has proudly served the Center since its inception in 2007. She’s a long time friend of Director Emily Prior and she often presents for CPS on BDSM, Polyamory & Non-Monogamy, and Sexual Diversity.

For Diana, being an educator has been a prime moving force in her life since she’s worked in education for over 37 years.  Those interactions led her to want to share her knowledge and experiences with other people.  It was hard for Diana to pinpoint one area of sexuality that interests her most because she loves it all. However, she mentioned power exchange and the master/slave dynamic fascinate her. She’s happy more people in society are being exposed to those types of relationships and are finding it less scary and hotter than they perceived.

I spoke with Diana briefly, just as she returned from a trip to Arizona. She spent the weekend there attending The South West Leather Conference. The conference is an opportunity for people in the leather community to come together.  The primary emphasis of the gathering is Leather and Spirituality. The weekend is filled with workshops, classes, parties and schmoozing with friends. They also select a Master/Slave couple to represent the region. She called it, “the conference with the Whoo!” and I could tell she had been “Whoo’d” by the experience.

Besides the time she gives to CPS, Ms. Diana is also Coordinator for The Threshold Society. They are the oldest pan-sexual BDSM organization in Southern California. The largest component of their mission is education. They hold classes every week for people to learn to play safely. They also provide a safe environment for their members to practice what they learn.

For Diana, being sex positive is important since she feels there are such negative myths surrounding sex and those myths perpetuate unhealthy ways of attaining that forbidden fruit. With CPS, we are helping to eliminate the horrendous pitfalls people encounter when there’s no guidance and much misinformation.  She feels it’s essential to help educate the youth in a sex positive way because “These students are our future lawyers, doctors, teachers, parents and law-makers and they will have control & power in my life and I don’t want to be victimized by their prejudices”.

We want to thank Diana for her time and dedication to making the Center for Positive Sexuality a success and we are honored she is a part of our educational staff.

For more information, visit The Threshold Society at  and South West Leather Conference at