volunteer spotlightVictoria Reuveni, Lead Educator

It’s been over a year since we caught up with stellar volunteer & sexologist Dr. Victoria Reuveni. We’re so honored to have Victoria with our organization because not only is she an educator extraordinaire but she’s also working behind the scenes as a driving force in development and social media for the Center. She’s been a presenter on more panels than any other volunteer in 2015, sharing her experiences with BDSM & Sex Work to students all over Los Angeles. Even when a class at UC Irvine turned out to have 200 students attending a panel, Victoria handled the room with grace & ease despite it being her first time as lead presenter on that particular topic. No surprise this panel turned out to be her favorite of the year!

When we last spoke, she was excited about taking on new Sexological Bodywork clients. Throughout the year she’s helped several clients achieve new levels of intimacy with their own bodies. Now she’s expanding into the realm of Orgasmic Yoga (OY) workshops. Never heard of it? Well as Dr. Victoria explains, the term was coined back in 1984 by Joseph Kramer and the Body Electric. It is a mindful practice incorporating conscious breath, movement, sound, and touch to sink deeper into the body without the aid of outside erotic stimulation (such as porn or fantasy). It does not involve yoga, but it can if one is so inclined. It does not even have to feature orgasms. Although one 50 minute session can make an impact, the idea is to practice these techniques over and over to gain a love and appreciation for yourself like you never have before.

While training for her certificate in Sexological Bodywork Victoria practiced Orgasmic Yoga every day for two weeks in a group of participants from all walks of life which was truly inspiring. After leading several workshops for a local sex positive social organization, she’s now embarking on her first six-week Orgasmic Yoga series starting February 8th in Los Angeles. It’s so gratifying for her to teach, participate, and encourage others on their sexual journey of understanding their bodies and in the process Victoria gets to learn more about herself.

Named one of Kinkly.com’s Top 100 Sex Blogger Super Heroes of 2014 & 2015, we know big things are bound to happen for Dr. Victoria in 2016. Not only is she hosting her first series, but she’s planning on teaching workshops on masturbation & “female” ejaculation as well as continuing her Sexological Bodywork practice, reviewing the latest sex toys & writing intriguing blogs! As for her role with CPS for the new year, she’ll begin presenting on our new panel Body Image: Loving Yourself when it premiers this Spring!

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