Count Boogie, Educator  A true treasure & real character of our CPS group of educators is Count Boogie. After just a minute talking   with Boogie, you will be on the floor laughing and barely able to breathe.

Count Boogie (and yes, that’s his legal name) was grown and raised right here in “The Valley, For Sure, For Sure”. He was planted here from the planet Kinktoid long ago on a mission to teach Kink to the vanilla community and that’s what he’s been doing. Although, he’s in his first year volunteering for the Center, he’s been serving the community for years as an educator & entertainer with the Threshold Society. Thru the use of his comedic and musical talents he’s created very inventive songs like “Fisting” & “That’s Meth” which are smart, cleaver and catchy. His interest in outreach at the college level is what brought him to give his time to the Center and he speaks on panels about BDSM, Kink and Sexual Diversity. Not only is he involved with the sex positive community but he also participates in addiction recovery panels for high school students around greater Los Angeles.

Boogie is a Pro-Dom, masseuse, musician, and comedian but at one time in his life he was a preacher. When asked how he went from preaching the gospel to preaching about sex he explains, “Religion gave me guilt and shame but thru nature, I was lead to real morality and freedom from both guilt and shame.” He began to express his true self and deleted the programming he felt had enslaved him. His motivation for teaching is to help others break free of the guilt & shame they may be feeling. He helps people heal in another way now, thru expressing their sexuality.

When discussing the growing acceptance for Kink in our society Boogie mentions how in 2002 the film “The Secretary” opened the conversation. Later in 2012, “50 shades” got 20 million people talking about Kink. However, our jobs as educators is to ride those waves in society and while people are titillated, explain to them the reality is so much better than the fantasy. We are here to empower people and help them ethically communicate their wants and desires. We want to create a community of sex positive individuals who want to play and grow together. We want people to love themselves without judgment and to discover themselves without shame.” Because others helped him remove the blinders from his eyes, he hopes by sharing his experiences he’s spreading a different kind of gospel. Boogie is honest, inspirational, caring, genuine, and funny and we’re so lucky to have him on our CPS team.

To learn more about Count Boogie visit for videos and contact info on the many services he provides.

Boogie will be performing at the So Cal Master/slave contest this month on Saturday April 19th at Threshold. Go to for more information.