Center for Positive Sexuality in Los Angeles needs more volunteer educators! We need diverse individuals who are willing to discuss their personal development and relationships related to their sexual and gender identity. At this time, we really need people who identify as cismale, transmale, transfemale, transgender, transsexual, genderfluid, and or other related identity terms.

Duties: Present in college and university classes on topics like BDSM, Polyamory, Transgender, and other topics.

Qualifications: Self-identification with one or more of the topics being presented. Ability to verbally communicate clearly and concisely. Ability to work well within a group. This position requires the volunteer to be in or willing to travel to the designated area. Transportation a must. A resume is not required for this position, but an in-person interview  and training are.

Please send an email and resume to if you are interested and please type “volunteer query” in the subject line of your email. This position requires training time, so please be prepared to schedule this if chosen.