Vasocongestion – The filling of tissue and organs with blood. During sexual arousal, vasocongestion tends to take place around the penis, labia, clitoris and chest. This results in erections in the penis, clitoris and nipples, and a slight darkening of the skin around the genitals and in the chest.

Blue Balls – A term used to describe an uncomfortable feeling in the testicles when sexual excitement does not lead to ejaculation.

People can experience this uncomfortable feeling, regardless of what bits one has, as a result of sexual pressure that builds up but is not released. It is often described as an uncomfortable ache or full feeling that occurs in the genitals. For penis-havers, this occurs in the testicles (balls) and for vulva-havers this occurs in the lower pelvic region.

There is no damage as a result of pressure that is not released and “blue balls” is never an excuse to keep going if someone wants to stop sexual behavior.