Note that these are gender identities.
Folks with these identities can have a variety of sexual attractions and relationship orientations.


Gender Fluid – Gender Fluid individuals may experience different genders, identities, and expressions over time. These changes could be often, could be dramatic, and could be situational.

It’s best to ask Gender Fluid peeps how they are feeling and how to address them, as their pronouns may shift depending on how they feel.

Genderqueer – Similar to Non-Binary, Genderqueer is an umbrella term encompassing a combination of genders, neither man/woman nor masculine/feminine, possibly a third or other gender, etc. Genderqueer folks may sometimes also identify as transgender and/or non-binary.

Genderqueer can also mean “queering” genders, expressing them non-normatively.

Non-Binary – Enbys have a gender identity that don’t fit the male-female binary. They may identify as agender, genderfluid, bigender, intergender, androgyne, among other identities.

Non-binary individuals may use any pronouns, though it is fairly common to use “they/them.”

Agender – Folks who are Agender also might identify as genderqueer, non-binary, and/or transgender. Some individuals who are Agender might use masculine or feminine pronouns, some may choose gender neutral ones like they/them/theirs, ey/em/eirs, xe/xem/xyr (or others).

Agender is not to be confused with asexual.