For this week’s Tuesday Terms here is a very brief look at defining age play and ABDL.

Age Play – A set of activities ranging from more casual roleplay to identities and kinks that incorporate Adults who roleplay as people of various ages.

These may include such identities or roles as littles, Middles, Mommies, and daddies. For those who play on the younger side of this spectrum they might fall under ABDL.

ABDL – Adult Baby/Diaper Lover; a niche under the umbrella of age play.

Activities may range with each instance or role within Age Play. For some it’s coloring, for some there’s a discipline or nurturing aspect that is appealing. In many cases it is a way to leave adult responsibilities and cares outside of that time as an escape. The age one chooses to embody has little to do with their actual age. A mommy/Daddy could be younger in actual years than their Little.

Age play is only with consenting adults.