Led by seasoned experts of transformational SARs in the U.S.

Sponsor: Xaviera Hollander

Earn AASECT 15 CEs

April 20-22nd, 2012

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

A once-in-a-lifetime sexology training event in a famous B&B and theater setting in Holland for 15 AASECT CEs during tulip festival next spring…including a chance to sleep over in her hotel B&B and nearby real life Dutch apartments for a reasonable fee  ($100Euros per night). Don’t miss out on this one.

Complete info at: http://theissr.com/SAR_trainings.html

Reservations now being accepted and housing is filling up fast!

We will be offering: (for 15 CEs for AASECT)
** A classy sex education and training in a contemporary and classical SAR experience, with all bells and whistles possible in the most famous and sex-positive city in the entire world, featuring:
** A mini-SAR inside of it (15 hours)
** A field trip to a world class Dutch Sex Shoppe with a live workshop on site
** A tour of the Red Light District and lectures on prostitution by the renowned sex workers and advocates

** Performance artists with a sexual spin, including pro-dom’s in sensual role play demonstrations, erotic singing by seasoned vocalists, sensuous and exotic dance by highly talented stage performers, and poetry read with full musical background, all from an erotic perspective
** Personal lectures and first hand accounts by Xaviera aka the world’s most famous madam, on hot sizzling sex tips from the pro herself
**  a trip to a live, red hot Burlesque show,
** and the usual high quality traditional and modern SAR that Drs Britton & Dunlap have been successfully offering in the U.S. for the past five years.