It seems all is not well in Porn world.
I don’t have all the details straight (I’m not exactly your Sexworld CNN) but the issues of condom uses in porn films is making waves again.
The adult/porn industry has made strides in taking care of its own and many production companies require HIV testing at certain intervals for it’s performers. Some companies have gone so far as to work “condom only,” meaning you get raincoats in their films. But this has tapered off.

AIM, the Adult Industry Medical Healthcare foundation most often provides the testing services. An HIV case was reported a few weeks ago and now condom-only protests have started anew.

Were porn stars all “fluid-bonded?” Technically, yes.

Since I don’t want any government agency telling me what I can and can’t do with my body, I say, the porn industry should regulate itself like it has been doing. “Condom-only” films have tapered off because producers say….”They discovered that it wasn’t profitable to have condoms in their movies. People watch porn for the fantasy. They live with condom use in reality every day, and that’s the problem.”

Man, ain’t that a bitch? That whole annoying “I may die if I don’t use a condom” issue. If condom use in reality is still an issue, then we still have a long way to go. Never mind that HIV isn’t the only “H” to worry about. What about our old friend, Herpes, and the gnarly one, HPV, that seems to love the girls, while sometimes leaving them with cervical cancer and having no effect on the boys? Condoms. Condoms. Condoms. I love them.

And yet, I don’t believe laws should be enacted for the adult/porn industry because essentially this is “thought police” deciding what is best for us. These same police will tell us other things we can’t do with your bodies if given the chance. Yeah, it’s THAT big old conspiracy theory paranoia! I’m one of THOSE people! But porn is obviously not doing a good job of teaching us the joys of safe sex, latex, and being HIV-free, so why twist porn’s arm and tell them they have to do it now?

The other side of this coin is the AIDS Healthcare Foundation here in Los Angeles, leading most of the protests, most often in front of the Hustler store and Flynt’s building. I commend the Foundation’s work and I would never diminish their mission. I just think this may be one cause they have to drop. Wouldn’t it be awesome if the Foundation could produce PSA’s on condom use, with very graphic demonstrations with porn actors, and get as many porn companies to add these at the beginning of their movies? You get the safe sex info, and when the “Plumber” shows up, you get the fantasy… crack ‘n all!