Hi there. Curious?

So here’s the deal: we are this close to printing the GENDER book. And we are so excited about that! But. Publishers don’t want to take us on when we’re committed to hosting it online for free, and print on demand’s quality is so-so & expensive!

Our best option at this point for getting it into your hands (and into libraries, community centers, and schools) is to do a short run of printing in the hopes a rad publisher will notice and want to distribute us.To fund that kid of big-scale printing, we need cash money upfront. And we are 3 artists and community organizers. We do not exactly have the ability to fund it ourselves. Enter Kickstarter.
Our campaign launches December 1st 2013, and in the 3 short months leading up to that, we need a massive community uprising to spread the word so that everyone who’s been waiting to order the book hears that the short window will be open the month of December to pre-order their copies.

Here’s where you come in. We need an army of gender activists who know how to network to help us spread the word. We want you pumping this thing as much as we three original creators will be, as if it is your own project, because it is.

Maybe you’ve submitted an interview, maybe you’ve helped by offering feedback, maybe you’ve edited or donated, or spread the word some already. Thank you. Here’s the part where you get credit, you get to have some fun, and you get to earn prizes!

We’re calling it our GENDER SCOUTS. It’s the only way you can earn yourself a free copy of the book as well as other great prizes by simply using your popularity to help us gain momentum until the very last day of the kickstarter campaign. Wanna join?

Here’s how it works- after you join the troop, you’ll get top-secret assignments emailed to you. They’re all optional, fun assignments for earning new badges. They take less than 10 minutes, usually. Each badge is your ticket to free stuff! Prizes will be given for the best effort in each assignment, as well as a superstar MVP package for our most engaged scouts, and some goodies thrown in for everyone who plays!

To get your first badge, simply forward this email to a friend and stick your email in the box at the bottom of this page: http://www.thegenderbook.com/gender-scouts (that lets you sign up for a special, different email list just for our scouts who opt-in to getting assignments. If you ignore this email, you won’t hear any more about the scouts and we’ll just remind you when the pre-sale is open.)
We hope you’ll join us!
Mel, Robin, and Jay the GENDER scoutmasters