educationAs a group whose values are unlikely to be well represented by our next president (understatement), we wanted to reach out to our collaborators, supporters, and volunteers with a relevant, inspiring, poetic, galvanizing message, or any one of those four. The election was a profound disappointment on many levels and the future seems destined to consist of several steps backwards. But at the Center for Positive Sexuality, this does not shake our foundation. We practice acceptance so democratically, we perform our research on and throw our arms around so many identities and activities, that the leaders of whatever party would look at us and say, “Yes, but that goes too far.” We are proud to post up in that position.

If your in-boxes look anything like our in-boxes, every liberal group you’ve ever given to is making an appeal that they are living in a life or death moment. This result is not our Armageddon, just as a victory for Hillary Clinton, however delightful, would not have been our salvation. (Or should we say “will not be our salvation,” with a recount pending.) This election will not stop our progress. We will continue to advocate and educate. We are resilient, rugged, and patient.

This year we have reached more schools, students, and professionals. We’ve gained more social media followers and we’ve increased our programs. Next year we look forward to our 10th Anniversary as an organization, and we hope that you will celebrate with us. There is much to do, and your support allows us to keep going.

On behalf of our Volunteers and Board Members, thank you for your encouragement, contributions, and enthusiasm.

Stay Sex Positive!