From the Executive Director: I expect that many of you are in shock. I know I am. I’m caught between anger and sadness, and a serious need to flee. I don’t usually post personal notes from the Center’s blog, but I think now more than ever we have to recognize the amazingly important work our 50+ volunteers do.

From a less than a dozen presentations to year to well over 20 each semester, we now reach an average of 1000 students and professionals each year. Our Journal of Positive Sexuality has been recognized by several outstanding organizations, with more to come. Our Research Affiliates continue to make strides in ground-breaking research in many different academic fields. And our Administrative and Development staff works behind the scenes, keeping things going, and cheering everyone on.

In the past 10 years we have seen some amazing changes in this country. It is clear that our mission of recognizing and accepting marginalized gender and sexual identities through education and research is not at all finished. In fact, we may find ourselves having to start from ground zero, again. Center for Positive Sexuality remains just that. A haven for all who do not fit, do not conform, and may not wish to. We are an organization built on diversity, acceptance, pride, and love. We will stand and work together.

If and when you can, contribute. You can donate money, time, or just a little social media push occasionally. Get the word out, boost the signal, and be sex positive. Thank you.