Calling educational medical models with a vulva!

Posted on behalf of Nicole Prause, Ph.D.

I am a sexual physiologist in Los Angeles and want to create an educational video with your help. I need two vulva-having persons, who are welcome to bring their partner, who would allow me to film showing the parts of the vulva in detail. It would be in my laboratory in Santa Monica. You would be seated on my exam table, I would use gloves to touch your body when you consent, and we would talk through exactly the structures of the vulva. You can wear a mask to hide your identity if you prefer.

Then, I would leave the room for approximately 30 minutes and ask you to arouse yourself. You could get aroused by any means, including with a partner. This will not be filmed. When you signal you are ready, I would again film and use gloves to demonstrate vasocongestion in the vulva.

I spoke with Cindy Gallop who was open to reviewing this video as a part of her “Make Love Not Porn”, potentially an inaugural educational video. If accepted, the revenue from any of her members who choose to rent/stream it is 50% to the company, 50% to the creators. I would split our portion evenly with the other 2 women who served as the models. Of course, there is no guarantee Ms. Gallop will want the film or that it would be the best place for promotion. In the event that happens, I will talk with you both to identify appropriate outlets. This might include, for example, another hosted educational service.

I am very flexible on timing and happy to talk with you about this idea further. Feel free to email with any questions.

Nicole Prause, Ph.D.