Succulent Retreats in Tobago 2013

Couples sex, relationship and intimacy retreat

Awaken, discover and taste your succulent , juicy relationship!!!!!

Tobago Apr.13- 20, 2013

Close your eyes and imagine…….

 *Succulent breakfast in bed

 *Laughing , giggling, playing together

 *Sunset candle light dinners

 *Romantic walks on the beach with your love

 *Looking at one another the way you did when you first fell in love

Has your life become the all about work, kids, household and family, that at the end of everyday, you both have no time or energy to nurture your relationship as lovers?

7 days of relaxing, reconnecting , discovering and awakening your sexual,sensual and romantic relationship

 You both deserve to give time to one another and your sexy relationship…….

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Awakening your Succulent Goddess Retreat :
 Tobago Apr.27-May 4,2013
7 day women juicy adventure vacation is awaiting you!!!

Close your eyes and Imagine yourself swimming in the warm tropical water, eating ripe juicy mango by the pool… mmmmmm
 Now imagine you feel relaxed, calm and happy!!!!

Come join me on an amazing 7 day journey of exploration , self awareness and awakening….
 Discover who you are completely as a woman ………

 Is your life all about running to work, picking up and dropping off kids, taking care of your spouse, taking of family and household chores?

 Have you forgotten what it feels like to just be yourself?

 Let us celebrate together the awesome, strong , gentle, complex, magical, sensual , playful and sexual woman you

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Succulent Living; 5 stages of sexual wholeness Retreat

May 11- May 18, 2013 in Tobago

7days of awakening, relaxing, exploring, in this life changing retreat…

After years of working with clients and supporting their sexual healing, I started to see consist patterns that everyone has.. That everyone issues, concerns and fears around sexuality fall into 5 stages of sexual wholeness. Play, Sensual, Sexual, Exploration/kink, Sacred…

We are complex beings that if our sexuality is not nurtured , healthy or whole then it effects the rest of our life and being… I believe that we are made up into 4 mind, body, spirit and sexuality when one is off it effects the rest.

This has become the foundation of how I support and awaken my clients. When all these five stages are nurtured, healed and celebrated then you get to have an amazing Succulent Life……

Come discover , embrace , celebrate your sexuality and Succulent life with me in Tobago.

Repeat after me …… YES!!!! YES!!!! YES!!! I choose to live my life to it’s fullest!!

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* If you would like to host any of these retreats as weekend adventures in your city or community please contact Gaia at gaiajuiciness@gmail.. Lets co- create juiciness, adventure nd abundance!!!!

Have a happy, horny, bum wiggling day!!!


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