Dr. Betsy Crane, Professor, Center for Human Sexuality Studies, Widener University, will be a guest speaker for Sex In The Struggle: Let’s Get It On! A new live, talk show created by Ulysses “Butch” Slaughter, Sex In The Struggle: Let’s Get It On launches September 16, 2017 at The MJ Freed Theater in Chester, Pennsylvania.

Sex in The Struggle:  Let’s Get It On is an exciting multi-faceted intimacy experience advocating social healing through sexual healing.  The two-hour event promotes a policy of intimacy through which every individual can choose deeper human connections in spite of the social and personal pressures of the day.  The exciting event will feature entertaining and informative segments focused on health, pleasure, religion, gender and much more.

See Sex In The Struggle interview with Dr. Betsy Crane on YouTube: https://youtu.be/Dg2vwqrJT2k

Dr. Crane earned a Ph.D. from Cornell University. She worked for 17 years as a sexuality educator, then as Executive Director for Planned Parenthood in Ithaca, NY. Her research include the history of gendered sexuality and shifting gender and sexual identities. Dr. Crane is past president of the Foundation for the Scientific Study of Sexuality, and was named a Distinguished University Professor by Widener University for 2014-2017.

In addition to Dr. Crane, Sex In The Struggle will feature Eric K. Grimes (Activist and Radio host), Reverend Beverly Dale (Sex Positive Theologian) and Frenchie Davis (Sexpert and Activist).

For more information about Sex In The Struggle: Let’s Get It On! contact Ulysses “Butch” Slaughter at 267.318.0117

Tickets on sale now at Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/sex-in-the-struggle-lets-get-it-on-tickets-37259696756