** Tantric Retreat for Couples – McCall

October 4 – 6

409 E. 3rd Street

McCall, Idaho

Learn the fundamental principles of tantra to enhance intimacy and connection with yourself and with your partner in a safe, respectful and joyous environment.

For a full description,  specific times, location, cost and registration, click here. (http://sacredbodyproject.com/?page_id=22) .


** Women’s Tantra Workshop – McCall

September 28th

InBodyMents Studio

409 E. 3rd Street

McCall, Idaho


For a full description, specific times, location,cost and registration click here. (http://sacredbodyproject.com/?page_id=14)


** Love Your Body, Love Yourself!!

October 19th

Lotus Tree

3171 S. Bown Way

Boise, Idaho

Women faced with challenging life circumstances are encouraged to attend to find ways to calm, center and find peace.

For more information, including times, description and registration information email studio@lotustreeboise.com


** In the Boudoir

Celebrate the body beautiful with a boudoir photo session!!

Two sessions to choose from:

BBW’s in the Boudoir

Cougars in the Boudoir

For a full description, specific times, location, cost and registration click here. (http://sacredbodyproject.com/?page_id=22)


** Couple’s Level I / Women’s Level II / Healing Sexual Trauma

Tantra classes and a healing circle coming this Fall     Check sacredbodyproject.com for dates, locations and updated information.


** About Joni

Joni D, Carlo, M.A.,C.S.S.E., is the founder and owner of the Sacred Body Project.   She is an educator, motivational speaker, group facilitator, relationship and intimacy coach, college professor of philosophy and communication and former speech and debate coach.

Email Jon:  sacredbodyproject@gmail.com with your inquiries or speak to her directly at (208) 761-6266.

Sacred Body Mission: It is the mission of the Sacred Body Project to debunk the myth that the only way to connect with source energy is through the denial and negation of the physical body.   On the contrary, it is the conjecture of this project, and ancient wisdom,  that it is only through the body that we can hope to truly connect, not only to source energy, but to ourselves and to other human beings.     It is also the mission of this project to help assist people in eradicating any shame associated with their physical bodies, including shame and trauma surrounding sexuality sexual identity and sexual practices..     Once shame is eradicated, we are set free to enjoy our bodies and the pleasure that these incredible sacred vessels were meant to provide for us.

What the Sacred Body Project Is:   It is a series of classes, workshops,healing circles discussions, support groups, etc., designed to help you to reconnect with your physical self. A variety of modalities are used including:   breath and movement, presence and body awareness activities, guided meditations, tantric principles and practices, sex education, and more.   By helping you to connect with your body,  you will be better able to connect on a deeper level with other people.    Result?    Better relationships, better love-making, more joy, higher self-esteem, healing, better communication, and an overall increased love and appreciation for yourself and all of life.


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