As you may or may not know the Center for Positive Sexuality runs as a non-profit organization. We offer many free and low-cost sex education opportunities for online and in person communities and individuals. Sometimes we get paid and sometimes we don’t, but the Center has operated successfully for more than 5 years now and we are continuing to build. We have gone from 2 volunteers to more than 20 in the past several years, and even with all of the hard work we still find ourselves needing some resources.

We would like to purchase the 2 volume set of Teaching Safer Sex, available for pre-order for $80. This may seem like very little money, but believe me when I say this is too much for us to spend at this time. If you would like to contribute $1-$20 towards this purchase (or cover the entire cost!) please send an email to for more information. Unfortunately, we cannot provide a tax deduction at this time.

Thank you.