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General Conference Information:

Colorado Youth Matter (formerly COAPPP) and The Healthy Colorado Youth Alliance are excited to announce that we are partnering for


Raising the Bar 2011-an annual statewide conference. In 2009, Raising the Bar conference brought together 150 people from across Colorado, including policy and youth development advocates, public health and social service professionals, clinicians, family planning workers, and health educators. By partnering in 2011, Colorado Youth Matter and The Healthy Colorado Youth Alliance plan to raise the bar again with dynamic speakers and relevant topics!

Raising the Bar 2011


will focus on connecting the dots between increasing opportunities for our youth and families and teen pregnancy and STI prevention. This year we will be including an emphasis on advocacy and leadership development. As always, we will also highlight the importance of supporting research-based programs and policies and comprehensive opportunities for a promising future. We know these factors greatly contribute to positive health outcomes for youth and provide young families a promising future and we look forward to promoting them. The conference will take place on October 19-20, 2011. The conference

focus areas and learning objectives are to:



Health Access and Delivery – Increase knowledge and skills about age-appropriate, LGBTQ, and culturally inclusive health services and health education for teens 2.

Policy – Identify holistic policy solutions for increasing access to comprehensive sex education, increasing health equity, & supporting pregnant and parenting teens 3.

Advocacy Leadership Development – Increase knowledge and skills around advocating for effective policies and programs and being a community leader 4.

Community Organizing – Increase skills to educate and build community support for health education resources and services 5.

Evidence-Based Comprehensive Approaches – Identify evidence-based approaches for promoting positive health outcomes for youth.

To submit proposals, please e-mail with the following information about your presentation by 5pm on Thursday, June 30, 2011:

Desired Presentation Title

Indicate the title of the presentation that you are proposing.

Type of Presentation


Sessions are approximately a 1 ½ hours in length. We encourage you to submit your idea for conducting a full session workshop on a topic of your interest and/or expertise. Research Presentation:

If you prefer to a shorter presentation, we will group 2 or 3 similar topics together for presentation in a session. Each presentation would be approximately 20 minutes in length with 10 minutes allocated for Q&A.


If you would like to lead an informal discussion on a topic of interest or expertise, we welcome your idea for organizing a roundtable topic. Roundtable sessions should not exceed 1½ hours in length.


If you have an idea for a presentation, let us know what you would like to do. Again, session lengths are approximately 1 ½ hrs.

Description of Presentation

Please provide a description of the content of the presentation you are proposing including rationale, importance of topic and relevance to sexuality education/youth development (250 words maximum).

Learning Objectives

Please provide one to two learning objectives participants should be able to take away from your workshop.

Focus Area

Please provide a brief description of which Raise the Bar Conference focus area(s) your workshop will cover or discuss.

A/V Equipment: If you will need specific accommodations for your presentation at the conference please list below.

All speakers will need to bring their own laptop to present slides, etc. if they choose to do so. If you use a computer to facilitate your presentation, please let us know ahead of time if that presentation will have sound

Presenter(s) Contact Information

Please provide the name(s) of the person(s) that will be presenting as well as the following information for each presenter:


Phone Number:

E-mail Address:

Also, please indicate if you or a co-presenter are the age 24 or under.

Presenter Bio(s)

(100 words maximum for each presenter) that describes their professional education and investment in adolescent sexual and/or reproductive health. Also, please indicate which of the presenters will be the “lead” if you have more than one presenter.

Review Process

All proposals must be aligned with the Mission, Vision, and Values of Colorado Youth Matter/The Healthy Colorado Youth Alliance; proposals that are not appropriately aligned will not be accepted.

*The conference advisory committee reserves the right to rescind a presentation from the conference line up at any time*

Proposals will be reviewed by members of the conference advisory committee. In reviewing the proposals, the following minimum criteria will be used:

Adherence to proposal submission instructions;

Relevance to the conference theme and goals;

Align with the mission, vision and values of Colorado Youth Matter and the Healthy Colorado Youth Alliance;

Potential for engaging participants in meaningful discussion through experiential learning techniques;


Clarity of writing.

Primary presenters are required to register for the conference and will have their conference fee discounted. Co-presenters will be responsible for registering for the conference and paying the conference early bird registration fee.


All co-presenters are required to register for the conference and to pay the registration fee. Proposal Submission Deadline:

June 30, 2011.Proposals and questions can be submitted via e-mail to or by phone at 303.225.8870

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