The Postgraduate Sex Therapy Certificate Program at Council for Relationships (CFR), Philadelphia, PA, is accepting qualified applicants for the 2012-13 academic year. The program is designed to teach sex therapy assessment and treatment skills to clinicians using a systemic focus. Additional topics in sexology are incorporated.

Applicants must have a Master’s or Post-master’s degree in a clinically related field and at least one year of clinical experience.

Classes (90 CEU) and supervision (50 CEU) are held on Wednesdays from September through May-June. Clinical treatment hours are provided at numerous CFR locations. Additionally, specialized didactic presentations (11 CEU) and a SAR (Sexual Attitude Reassessment Program) (10 CEU) are incorporated into the program.

The program, instructors and supervisors are certified and approved by AASECT.

Please visit our website for more information.