Postdoctoral Clinical/Research Fellowship in Human Sexuality

The Program in Human Sexuality at the University of Minnesota Medical School is seeking applicants to join a vibrant team of faculty and postdoctoral fellows for a two-year fellowship program. Fellows would provide individual, family, couple and group psychotherapy for a wide range of sexual dysfunctions and problems including: relationship and sexual problems, transgender issues, sexual orientation concerns, compulsive sexual behavior, paraphilias, sexual offending, and HIV counseling. The clinic serves a diverse group of patients (an average of 1,300 visits per month), including children, adolescents, minorities, disabled individuals, and clients with chronic medical or mental health problems. The training will help the fellow develop their skills in addressing sexual issues in any clinical setting and conducting psychosexual evaluations. In addition to sex therapy, treatment addresses a wide variety of Axis I and Axis II disorders. This kind of diversity makes for an exciting and stimulating fellowship! Fellows complete a research project that is tailored to their own interests. Applicants must have their Ph.D., Psy. D. or M.D. The fellowship helps individuals gain licensure. We are looking to fill two positions this summer early fall. The fellowship includes a competitive salary, excellent benefits, and a professional travel stipend. Inquiries to Dr. Eli Coleman, c/o Robert Kirby at