Welcome! My name is Emily and I run PositiveSexuality.org, a website promoting the positive aspects of sex and sexuality through education. Although this blog will be linked to the site, the site is more for the professional aspects of the organization. I plan on using this blog not only let folks know about some of the work my partners and I are doing, but to write about my experiences, the articles I’ve come across, and my thoughts on working towards creating a space where people can feel good about who they are and their sexuality.

I believe that our sexuality is a very important part of who we are. It helps us define ourselves to ourselves and to others. People choose to interact with us, or not, based on our gender, orientation, attractiveness, emotional stablity, and many other aspects, all of which can be directly or indirectly connected to our sexuality. A healthy understanding of ourselves and our sexuality can bring us happiness, peace, and comfort.

Be well.