Our annual conference is April 16-19, 2014 in Chicago and we’re looking for presenters. There are travel grants available: http://pcaaca.org/grants/

We are interested in any and all topics about or related to the study of BDSM, sexual kink, or sexual fetishes in all genres, all media, all countries, all kinds, and all eras. All representations of BDSM, Kink, and fetishes in popular culture (fiction, stage, screen—large or small, commercial, advertising, music, song, dance, online, real life, etc.), from anywhere and any-when, are welcome topics of discussion. We also welcome any academic discussion of the real-life practice of BDSM, sexual kink, or sexual fetishes, as well as the lived experiences of people identifying as kinky.

The PCA/ACA does have journals as well, and paper can be submitted to them for the chance to publish. 

The online CFP is here: http://pcaaca.org/bdsmkinkfetish-studies/