Dr. Billy StreanHow do you think most people view sex and their own sexuality? And do you think we tend to be aware of that view moment by moment? The fact is that we are always in a perspective, not only about sex, but about everything! We also have a strong belief that has been refuted by neuroscience. We operate like our own internal states — our beliefs, thoughts, feelings — come together and then we decide to act. Wrong. It is actually more about how situations occur to us that has us act in particular ways.

In this workshop, through a provocative inquiry and experiential learning, you will gain access to one of the most effective, but often untapped, ways of enhancing your joy, freedom, power, and self-expression. You will see how your life occurs to you as if through a filter, but the filter is invisible. You will have the opportunity to discover for yourself that the way life occurs actually shapes your thinking, feeling, and acting in incredibly profound ways. You will experience how contexts operate and you will leave with a new ability to create positive and empowering ways of being in the bedroom and beyond. We will also explore how these processes are particularly useful for peacemaking.

Enjoy this special workshop facilitated by Dr. Billy Strean, Sunday, February 23, 2020, after the main SexPosCon event. Space is limited, so reserve your ticket now.

This workshop can be credited towards your Sex Positive Professional Certification. Go here to learn more about this program.