Join thousands of participants in an online kink survey focusing on early experiences, fantasies, and interactions. The researchers hope to collect 10,000 responses by May for analyzing.

If you are interested in reviewing or taking the survey:

The on-line survey, developed and curated by Galen Fous, MTP, is completely anonymous for participants. To insure privacy, no personal information is gathered. What is unique is that participants can opt-in afterward through a separate email to receive the compiled responses of all participants. Many participants commented that after receiving the results they felt a huge relief to understand they were not alone in what they desired.

This is the largest sexuality survey of its kind to date, and the hope is this will help those who are curious as well as professionals, better understand kink and fetish.

Galen Fous is assisted by Center for Positive Sexuality Research Affiliates, Dr. Jeremy Thomas, Dr, DJ Williams, and Emily E. Prior to compete the analysis of the data.

Please contact the Primary Investigator, Galen Fous, with any questions or concerns.

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