I received an email from a colleague recently about a new “Obscenity Ordinance” which “directly bans  ‘devices used to stimulate the genital organs’ “.  (See – www.coweta.ga – Obscenity Ordinance.)

I am aware that states like Alabama already ban vibrators. You can even have them removed from your luggage if you are passing through an airport there.

I ask Even Ensler’s question “How many deaths have occured due to vibrator use?” These are states where it is easier to get a gun then a vibrator. I don’t wish to get into a debate regarding the issue of gun control because I honestly have some mixed feelings, but vibrator control? Really?!?! Can someone honestly show me some true data from a reliable source that reports female orgasm is lethal, unhealthy, or otherwise needs to be controlled in order to keep individuals and society safe? PLEASE SEND ME THAT DATA!!!!!!!!!

I think it is now our patriotic duty this Valentine’s the send all of our sisters in Alabama, Coweta County, GA, and all other such places tons of vibrators. Anarchy is sure to ensue.