Let’s Talk about Sex!

Couples! Singles! Others!

A major US cable network and Emmy Award Winning Production Company seek New York couples, singles, (and other configurations!) dealing with sexual and romantic issues to participate in a new TV show. 

The show provides a fun, sex-positive environment that allows people to seek the help and advice of a talented and credentialed expert in the field of human sexuality. In this show, there is no strange or abnormal – and there’s nothing to be embarrassed about.

You’ll spend the day having a great time and getting into really interesting places, all while getting solid advice and learning practical ways to improving your sex life and your relationship.

So, if you and your partner are in a sexual dilemma, be in touch! You could be a closeted fetishist seeking understanding, or a couple considering polyamory. Your issue could be exotic or mundane. All ages, races, relationships, and sexual orientations welcome!

Please send an email to newtvshowcasting@gmail.com 

Include recent photos, as well as a brief description of yourself and the issue you would like to address.  Our producers will be in touch.