I have to imagine there’s been a blogging frenzy as has never been seen before in recent hours from the election. I’m happy to see that the American nation has finally been able to vote someone other than a white male into office. Hopefully some good changes will be on the horizon, although we should keep in mind that it took awhile for the economy and other issues to get where they are now, and it will take time for the pendulum to swing in the other direction.

In the meantime, my home state of California has elected to ban gay marriage. I find this reprehensible. That anyone could deny this right to consenting adults is appalling. I have my own views on “the institute of marriage” that I may share some day, but they are not really relevant to what has happened here. People have denied what has come to be seen as a basic adult human right to a not insignificant portion of the population. That we can decide who is allowed to marry and who isn’t among consenting adults should not even be an issue.

I want to scream. I want to cry.