Beginning in March 2012~
New!!! A Cutting-Edge Program in Sex Coaching
Leading to a California-state approved Certificate and toward a Masters Degree in Human Sexuality at IASHS

We are now in collaboration with the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, based in San Francisco, California

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Course of Study/2102 Spring Term

Home Study: February 1st – March 25, 2012**
Experiential Training Intensive: March 26th – April 4, 2012
Distance Learning Program: April 5-May 24th, 2012
**Note: This aspect can be combined with the distance learning portions and conducted after the Experiential Training Intensive


Course of Study

This course is specifically designed for the emerging clinical sexologist and/or the student in human sexuality studies who is seeking to acquire clinical skills for addressing the concerns of a wide range of clients using contemporary models and proven methodologies; it is also geared toward the newcomer to sexology, offering a dynamic, client-centered approach to working through the client’s sexual blockages and concerns in a rapid-paced, directive and effective approach. Students are welcome from diverse ethnic/cultural backgrounds, sexual cultures, orientations, preferences, and gender.

This training program enables students to achieve basic to advanced levels of mastery. This intensive trimester program of 500 hours prepares the student through (a) self exploration, (b) live group experience, and (c) virtual adult experiential learning modalities to reach a level of proven competency and understanding.

Course Structure:
This training program is rigorous and is divided into four (4) distinct phases over a single trimester. Students engage in self-study at home before attending a ten-day live intensive training at the Research Center campus in Las Vegas. These two phases are followed by home study and the delivery of a practicum to the faculty prior to the end of the trimester (6-8- weeks). The final phase for home study in Sex Education is comprised of readings, DVDs and lectures on a variety of topics, leading to an additional Certificate in Sex Education.

Curriculum components:
Phase I: Home study; personal readiness processes
Phase II: Live training intensive at Las Vegas Research Campus for IASHS, including courses in all aspects of sex coaching, using elements that inform clinical cases that may present, along with basics of coaching, clinical assessment and design of elegant action plans. This phase embeds a personal erotic exploration along with dynamic group interactions, lectures, media and outside expert speakers.
Phase III: Home Study; taking its essence from SCU Track 2 courses, this phase prepares the student with in-depth exposure to the breadth and depth of what is necessary to know and be able to offer as a sex coach while working with clients.
Phase IV: Home Study; this component rounds out the learning by providing books, DVDs and other resources to prepare the student for the field of clinical sexology from a broad perspective.
Phase V: Live taped demos of clinical competency are required for the practicum and for successful completion of the certificate program.

Costs and Application Procedure:
Tuition for the Sex Coaching Certificate Program is $7,150., paid to IASHS. Applications must be submitted to the IASHS Registrar’s office:

We hope to see you on the campus soon!!