Center for Positive Sexuality is now offering reduced prices — the more panels you schedule in sex positive educationthe semester, the more you save!

While we still request an honorarium of $150 for one of our many educational panels, we now offer a discount when you schedule two or more in one semester. You may use these all for one course, or across different courses at the same institution (and with the same instructor).

  • One educational presentation = $150
  • Two presentations = $200
  • Three presentations = $300

You can save up to $150 on three presentations in one semester. Payment and scheduling must all occur within the same semester. We cannot carry-over the savings to the next semester.

Please contact us now to schedule one of our amazing educational panels for your school. workplace, or organization. Our fall calendar is already filling up, and we must schedule on a first ask-first serve basis.

For a complete list of our current educational programs, go here.

If you are not local to Southern California, we can make arrangements to come to your classroom or workplace virtually.