Our apologies for the delay! Issue 2 of 2020 is now available!

First we have a potentially controversial article wherein the experiences of self-identified “girlfags” and “guydykes” were interviewed. This article opens more conversations about gender and sexual identities, and highlights the need for more research on transgender issues.

The second article discusses risk and consent for kinky gay and bisexual men who are negotiating and organizing private meetings using online platforms.

Next we have an exploration attempting to answer the question: “What is the structure of kink identity?” With a large interview sample (70), four key themes are found: sex, power, headspace, and community, with many subthemes as well.

Finally, we round out the last issue of 2020 with a discussion about long-term BDSM couples and how it is possible, with negotiation and communication, for these types of relationships to stand the test of time.