Enjoy three new manuscripts from Journal of Positive Sexuality covering the topics of Research Ethics, Female Masturbation Studies, and Online Hookup App Use.

Frazer Heritage warns of the complications around conducting online research about online fetish communities. Carrie Bohmer, et al., provide a thorough content analysis on female masturbation studies, noting the lack of positive sexuality and intersectionality. And, Lauren Maziarz explores hookup app use among a focus group of female college students.

Expect the next volume next spring. We are always looking for new, original manuscripts from seasoned researchers as well as new folks to the field and community members. Not sure if your manuscript is right or ready for publication? Send an inquiry to our editorial staff. We are happy to work with writers and researchers with good topics but not a lot of expertise publishing for academia.

Also, starting in 2023, Journal of Positive Sexuality will be listed in the academic database, EBSCO. Other database listings to follow later in 2023.